Did Freud actually help Dora?

What happened to Freuds Dora?

Four years after Freud has treated her, he tells us, his young patient whom he called Dora ( Ida Bauer) has moved on. A significant change has taken place in her life. She had, indeed, married a would-be musician and given birth to a little boy. … Freud does not speak of religion in this case history.

How does Freud View Dora’s mother?

Other symptoms such as a stomach ache in the absence of her parents were, according to Freud, an attempt to gain the attention and love of Dora’s parents when she had to share such affection with her brother. Freud believed that she was also jealous of the affection that Frau K attracted from her father.

How does Freud view Herr K’s advances toward Dora?

Freud asserts that Dora is more afraid of this truth (her desire to have sex with Herr K) than she is of his advances themselves.

How did Freud treat Dora?

By initially accepting her reading of events, Freud was able to remove her cough symptom; but by pressing her to accept her own implication in the complex interfamily drama, and an attraction to Herr K, he alienated his patient, who abruptly finished the treatment after 11 weeks, producing, Freud reported bitterly, a …

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Did Freud cure his patients?

Pankejeff said, ”That was the theory, that Freud had cured me 100 percent. ” But, he said, ”It’s all false. ” For decades it was a closely held secret that one of Freud’s most illustrious patients was Anna, his daughter, who went on to develop psychoanalysis for children.

What was Freud’s illness?

A lesser known interest of Freud’s was neurology. He was an early researcher on the topic of cerebral palsy, then known as “cerebral paralysis”. He published several medical papers on the topic. He also showed that the disease existed far before other researchers in his day began to notice and study it.

What is Dora’s first dream?

The first dream had first occurred after the scene of the lake and when Dora wanted her father to take her away from the K. s’ house. After this it was clear that her father would not rescue her from Herr K. The dream then recurred some weeks after Dora had started to see Freud.

Who was Freud’s first patient?

Bertha Pappenheim, the original patient of psychoanalysis. Bertha Pappenheim, always presented under the name of “Anna O.” as the original patient of psychoanalysis, was actually never treated by Freud himself but by his friend and mentor Josef Breuer. She was born February 27, 1859 in Vienna to Jewish parents.

Can you think of any criticisms of Freud’s explanation of rat man’s neurosis?

Critics have objected to Freud’s downplaying of the role of the Rat Man’s mother, and for several deviations on his part from what later became standard psychoanalytic practice.

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What is the core idea of psychoanalysis?

Psychoanalysis is defined as a set of psychological theories and therapeutic techniques that have their origin in the work and theories of Sigmund Freud. 1 The core of psychoanalysis is the belief that all people possess unconscious thoughts, feelings, desires, and memories.